Newton’s Laws of Motion

Bodies that are moving want to remain in their state of motion, meaning they want to continue moving. Using the same logic, the less you sleep, the easier it is for you to get up in the morning. That’s not a fact, it’s just a simple way this white girl looks at it even though it’s incorrect. It’s easier to apply Newton’s laws to your everyday life than google a whole new unrelated issue.

I hope you didn’t think I’d stop there, it also works the other way around – the more you sleep, the more tired you feel the next day.

My relationships with people function in the same way. Those who I see every day or have a habit of seeing frequently are more important to me than those I see irregularly.

That’s probably why lately I haven’t been very interested to see Elior.

We’ve been seeing each other for the past six months. In the very beginning I needed some time to start liking him, probably because we’re complete opposites from one another but also because he’s the first guy I’ve ever dated.

Even though I hated him after our first date, I kept going out with him because he was constantly nagging me, calling me out at least twice a day. It took me a while but I made him relax. About four weeks after meeting me, he stopped being awkward around me, he started actually talking to me, and I got to realize that he maybe is a hick but he’s a smart and funny one.

Two weeks after meeting Elior, I met War, and that’s when everything fell apart in a way. Unlike Elior, War was a studious man, a proud man, a man that knew what he wanted and for some reason he wanted me, but that was the one thing I couldn’t give him.

Even though Elior and I weren’t official at the time, I couldn’t make myself be anything more than friends with War. It technically wouldn’t be cheating, but it would still feel like cheating to me.
It’s weird in my case, meeting someone so different from myself. I’m still shocked every time we agree on something even if it is just LOTR. We fight just about all the time, but we’re used to it and it’s mostly not fighting in a bad way, it’s just little things we get over fast.

Except for one thing – we never see each other.

I know that he works and trains a lot, and I don’t want to attack him because of that, but I really miss him sometimes. He’s my exception to the rule, no matter how hard for me it is to admit that.

And I’ve been missing him even more ever since I found out my big boxing champion isn’t that tough. It’s been about a month since he’s lost that title in my eyes because I found something about him that to me makes him a vulnerable child raised in an unhealthy environment.

It’s the type of thing that makes you feel sorry for someone, and it helps you understand them better – why they are the way they are. I now understand why he transferred schools and why he hangs out with the people he hangs out with. Why every now and then he does things he shouldn’t do, and why he was the only one from his generation that chose not to write him matura exam which officially means he never finished his high school education.

Bodies that are moving want to remain in their state of motion, meaning they want to continue moving, but there are exceptions. In his case, when they realize they’re moving in the wrong direction.

My case actually isn’t an exception. My body just started moving faster when I realized it was moving with a body that needs help.
Apparently even I have a soft spot for damaged goods.


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